HT Cables

HT Cables

KEI manufactures HT XLPE cables up to 220KV conforming to National and International Standards at Bhiwadi plant. KEI has State of Art HT cable plant with German technology. The manufacturing capability is upto 220KV.

HT plant is complete with heavy duty machines for wire drawing and conductor making, laying up, armouring , sheathing and packing.

The process commences with a compacted circular conductor being fed from the pay off stands into the extruder on elevated platform. The conductor passes through extruder’s crosshead, it is covered first with semiconducting screen layer then the XLPE insulation, followed by the outer semiconducting core screen. This crosshead is specially designed to feed three compounds from three extruders at one point described as Singe point Triple extrusion.

Thereafter, the extruded core enters and passes through vulcanizing line known as CCV line (Continuous Catenary Vulcanising) and the XLPE insulated core is cured in the process. In CV line inert atmosphere is maintained by the Nitrogen gas which is at high pressure and high temperature.

This process is popularly known as Single point Triple extrusion CDCC(Completely Dry Cured and Cooled Curing) Process.

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