Switch-Disconnector Range FN & C-line

S-D-F range covers ratings from 32A to 2000A. S-D range is available in both open execution & Sheet steel enclosure versions.

S-D-F range provides users with a high level of safety & convenience. The complete range conforms to IS/ IEC60947-3 standards.

It also carries the CE marking signifying compliance to stringent European safety norms.

S-D superior features translate into better safety & convenience for the users.

Terminal shrouds provide protection against accidental direct contact. Terminal shrouds also protect against phase to phase short circuit through an external conducting path.

Positive ON / OFF indication ensures that the handle indicates OFF position only when main contacts are actually open.

Large ground clearance eliminates possibility of phase to ground flashover.

Built-in padlocking arrangement provided to lock the unit in OFF position prevents inadvertent operation of the unit.

Versatile handle

The handle coupling has the following user-friendly features:
  • Door interlock (defeatable)
  • Padlock up to 3 locks
  • Choice of operating quadrant
  • Flexibility (± 3mm mismatch operational quadrant)

The Switch-Disconnector provides complete Flexibility in mounting; Unit can be mounted at any angle in a vertical plane.

Handle depth can be varied and fixed as per requirement during installation. This is possible because the telescopic shaft can be adjusted for stepless variable depth.